Rainbow fish writing activities ks1

They enjoy bacon and sausage sandwiches, cereal, toast, fruit and juice and have time to relax and chat with their friends. Teaching activities Introduction Show the children the following words - the ball, dog, The, played, with. Today I have something wrapped. Class 2 Class 2 made buns and decorated them with pictures of St Peter Class 3 Class 3 made cards to celebrate St Peter after learning about the symbols.

Can you make your own tessellations that look like fish scales. Keep it up throughout the year to reinforce the idea that they are a community with lots of wonderful differences.

Plenary Play the Magic Key Patchworker game as a class. He learned that bending the sticker paper makes it much easier to get the stickers off the page.

Read The Rainbow Fish to the class, discussing the ideas of sharing and uniqueness. Tell the children to write a quality that they would like a friend to have, or something they do for a friend.

Friendship Activities for The Rainbow Fish

Hand Print Rainbow Fish Supplies: It lives in the water. Minibook of The Rainbow Fish: Could you try reading one of the translated versions. We can choose to share each day. Seuss and the Bible to learn more about using books to teach spiritual concepts.

Attendance Winners Every half term we celebrate the amazing attendance of our children. Can you create a report about them. Cut the white rim off of one of the cups. Classes three, four, five and six, have each voted for a boy and girl candidate from their class.

Nursery Nursery learned a song with actions all about St Peter and they made fish to go in his net, including giant ones on the interactive whiteboard.

He made us to be generous.

Primary teaching resources for EYFS & KS1-2

The children all joined in enthusiastically and we have raised lots of money for our 2 Lent charities - Mencap Leeds and Felicia's Courage. Links to free to use English writing resources, improve your child's writing skills in the classroom or at home with printable worksheets and interactive activities.

Can you think of some names for them. Were they right or wrong to treat him this way. One day a little fish asks Rainbow Fish to share one of his scales with him, but Rainbow Fish refuses.

Thanks to all the parents who sent them back. Can you find foil and glitter to make your picture sparkle?. Class 6 put on a fantastic performance of 'Over the Rainbow' for their end of year production.

They will have to arrange a series of familiar activities into the correct order and will also get the chance to write their own set of instructions if the teacher deems this appropriate.

It also gives some opportunities for dialogue about the best way to deal with other children who refuse to share. Create a set of instructions to teach people how to look after a pet rainbow fish. Start the music, have the pair hold hands, and dance together. Depending on their age you may want to work on colors or numbers.

Could you perform this to others. Read the Rainbow Fish to the children. So much food was donated for Harvest and we will be sending this to the local food bank and Caring for Life, a Christian charity in Cookridge.

Can you find other stories that have a meaning for the reader. Can you write a book review of this story to tell others your opinion about it.

The chicks have hatched. As they complete each sentence ask the children to read it out aloud, changing their voice when they see speech marks. When night falls, though, and it's time to go to bed, they learn that sometimes friends have to be apart.

Large Rainbow Fish - Great for display or as a large story stick puppet Rainbow Fish writing prompts - A set of worksheets and writing prompts. Rainbow Fish work booklet - Printable work booklet Rainbow Fish number-line - Numbered Rainbow Fish.

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Rainbow Fish is very proud to have beautiful shiny scales but soon learns he will only find true happiness by sharing a scale with each of his friends.

Rainbow Fish Craft I created a coloring craft page you can print out and have your child design. This brilliant Unit pack includes all the lesson packs and additional and home learning resources included in the PlanIt Art KS1 'Fabricate'.

Trace or Cut Out the Fish Printable Ocean-Related Activities, Writing Quizzes and Worksheets: What am I? Ocean Life For each ocean-related picture, choose the word that best describes it. Or go to the answers. A Rainbow Under the Sea A Printable Book A short, printable book about colorful ocean animals for early readers.

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Rainbow fish writing activities ks1
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